idea|masks|visuals anita brunnauer ( für visuelle gestaltung.)
camera|edit benjamin skalet (simp)
audio simp & STSK
technical support leonard bildwerk
postproduction|motion graphics ludwig tomaschko, benjamin skalet, anita brunnauer
vocals & protagonist chapter nº1 fleurêve. sophia hagen (soia)
dancer chapter nº2 synanthrope. paz katrina jimenez (cat)
faces chapter nº3 abîme. dusty crates, improper walls, sen7even, shakiba ravazadeh, soulcat e-phife.

*merci beaucoup aec futurelab, sound:frame, and everyone who supported, inspired and guided me during the project.
this project is dedicated to nature.

blindage. is supported by connecting cities network and is in partnership with “the ars electronica residency network” in cooperation with sound:frame.



realized in march 2015 by