*blindage is the french word for a wall, a shield or an envelope, which protects what’s inside.

inbetween disclosure and disguise. how can you hide your face without loosing it – how can you divulge it without getting the human glass. blindage. is the trial & poetic defense of freedom of the natural human in a world of monitoring & data superabundance. the projects topic are digital masks, it refers to traditional ethnological masks & their meanings & also sets it in a new contemporary context with the digital human being. blindage. is divided in 3 chapters – fleurêve. synanthrope. abîme.this division can be understood as evolution of the project. showing visually transferred metaphers – archetypical as well as surrealistic imagery containing dance, taxidermic & organic masks. a facade as itself is a mask. blindage invites the audiency among facades.